Low-carb: zucchini lasagna

This lasagna is made of zucchini instead of lasagna sheets, which makes it more healthy and a low-carb recipe.

For all my English friends, this is the second recipe in English on my blog!  As you probably know, I am from Holland, so maybe the English is a little bit with a dutch touch. I hope it is fine, if something is not clear or something is written wrongly, please let me know 🙂 

Low-carb: zucchini lasagna - www.zo-ofzo.nl

Low-carb: zucchini lasagna

 For two people
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Oven Time: 25 minutes
Low-carb recipe

You will need:

Cheese slicer 
– Oven dish (circa 16 cm)
– Frying pan
– Oven

For the lasagna:
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 1 squash / courgette
– 1 tomato
– 250 ml tomato sauce
– oregano
– grated cheese
– 1 small onion
– 200 grams of minced meat
– little bit olive oil

Get started:

Step 1: Chop the onion and chop the garlic, fry it together in a little bit of olive oil in the frying pan.
Step 2: Bake the minced meat together with the garlic and union until it is well-done.

Advice: You don’t need any oil or butter for baking the meat, because the meat is fat itself. The meat can bake in it’s own fat.

Step 3: Make with the cheese slicer slices of the zucchini.  Make with the cheese slicer slices of zucchini. When the slices are not the same size this is no problem at all, because they won’t taste less.

Advice: If you don’t have a cheese slicer, you can also use a knife ofcourse.

Step 4: Wash the tomatoes and cut into slices.
Step 5: Put all the ingredients into the baking dish. Just how you like it!
My version was: zucchini / meat & onion / tomato sauce / tomato / grated cheese / oregano
and then again: zucchini / meat & onion / tomato sauce / tomato / grated cheese / oregano

Step 6: Bake the zucchini lasagna in the middle of the oven at 200 degrees in 25 minutes.
Once the cheese has melted, the zucchini lasagna is ready to eat!

Low-carb: zucchini lasagna - www.zo-ofzo.nl

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