Baguette with union and cheese

For all my English friends, this is the first recipe in English on my blog!  As you probably know, I am from Holland, so maybe the English is a little bit with a dutch touch. I hope it is fine, if something is not clear or something is written wrongly, please let me know 🙂 

“It is monday again, the week is starting, the weekend is over. Time flies.. I have lack of weekends, I can use two weekends in one week! But ok, the things I had to do, I did, including a few nice activities (ofcourse because that is why there is something called weekend.)

One of the things I do every weekend, is making a weekplanning for meals. I search all the recipes, which I would like to make that week. Afterwards I go grocery shopping once. (often with my friend, because we buy a lot a lot a lot of food and I cannot carry it on my own 😉 ) I make my weekplanning because I hate grocery shopping.. I prefer to spend my time on other activities, because the weekend is already too short.

Therefore I think it is important that you can make my recipes in a short period of time. This recipe is an original recipe of my mom. Enjoy!

Baguette with union and cheese - Chez Bo

Baguette with union and cheese

  2 persons/ 4 pieces
simple and fast
lunch & diner

This is what you need for 4 pieces:

  • Oven
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Frying pan
  • Oven paper

This groceries you have to buy:

  • 1  baguette (for in the oven)
  • 1   creamcheese with herbs (Boursin)
  • 2 large tomatoes
  • 1 big onion
  • grated cheese
  • A little bit butter for baking

Suggestion: for dinner, dubble the quantities. 
Suggestion: Also very nice with some baked mushrooms.
Suggestion: Do you not have grated cheese? You can also use sliced cheese as well. 

This is how you make it:

Step 1: Preheat the oven – 200 degrees
Step 2: Cut the unions into rings. Bake the union in the fryingpan and with some butter.
Step 3: Meanwhile cut the baguette open and through the middle. You have four pieces now.
Step 4: Wash the tomatoes and cut them into thin slices.
Step 5: Spread all four pieces of baguette with a thick layer of cream cheese or Boursin.
Step 6: Then place the fried onion rings (and, if you would like, the fried mushrooms) over it.
Step 7: Now place the tomato slices on top.
Step 8: Sprinkle finally a thick layer of grated cheese baguettes on top.
Step 9: Place the bread on a ovengriddle covered with greaseproof paper.
Step 10: Bake the four pieces of bread, on 200 degrees. About 10 to 20 minutes. The baguettes are ready when the cheese has a tasty browned appearance. *

* Please note that this varies by oven, so regularly keep an eye on whether the baguette is not brown too quickly. Otherwise, turn the oven slightly lower.


Baguette with union and cheese - Chez Bo Baguette with union and cheese - Chez Bo

Serving suggestion: This bread is really nice for lunch. You can also eat it as dinner with soup. Bon appetit! 

One thought on “Baguette with union and cheese

  1. Hoi Bo
    Hoe is ie?
    Je recepten in het Engels op de site?
    Zal ik eerst nog op cursus moeten:)
    Ziet er weer heerlijk uit.
    Succes met alles en tot snel.
    Kus knuffel Minnos

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